Friday, August 31, 2007

Videos...just for fun!

Here are a few videos from this weekend...just for fun.

Tye loves for one of us to dance around with him. He loved it just the same when Russ was dancing with him at the outdoor concert that night as well...we just did not catch that on video.

This video is so cute! Tye and Aunt Linda were having a great time at the kitchen table, making lots of noise and ET phone home fingers...enjoy!

Our weekend in Fredericksberg

We had a fantastic trip to Fredericksberg this weekend. It was great to see Uncle Larry and Aunt Linda. Last time we went, Tye was only a few months old, so he could have cared less where we were. This time, however, was much different. He wanted to explore everything from the kitchen drawers, to the cat food. It was a lot of fun showing him around and see him take it all in. He loved, Lucy, the cat, and we also had a chance to go to the park theat we went to as children. We also got a chance to do some shopping...and to see some live music on Main Street at one of their summer concerts. It was great to see our 103 year old Great, Grandma Ethel (Tye's great, great grandma). Tye enjoyed riding around with her in her wheelchair, and I think she enjoyed showing him off. I could not just post one or two pics, so I decided to attach a slide show. If you click on the actual slideshow, it will take you to the site with captions. Enjoy!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cowboy Tye :)

A couple weeks ago, Aunt Linda gave Tye this cute cowboy hat. We decided to give it a try and see if he would actually keep it on...well, you see the game that came of it.

Tye's new kitchen toys.

Thursday, August 9, 2007 Tye a motormouth!

Check the video and see what I mean...

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cirque du soleil anyone...?

I could not pass up posting this video immediately. We visited with Kris, Jamie and Asher for dinner tonight and Tye got quite a kick (as did we) out of playing on the exercise ball. I also could not pass up posting this adorable pic of Tye and his dad.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A Busy Week...

We started off with very little on our plate for this week, but it turned into a quite the busy one. My friend, Antoinette, came to visit early this week and Tye had a blast playing with her. It was adorable. He was pretty enthralled with her ability to make silly noises.

Then Tye's friends, Asher and Josiah, dropped by later in the week (along with their Mom's). It was amazing to see how they all have changed so much in about a month and a half. CRAZY!! It is always great to visit with other Mom's to share ideas and frustrations with ever changing babies. I have enjoyed it so much.

Does Tye have another secret for Asher?

Exploring the exersaucer...they all decided they needed to play on it together...

Here are a few pics and a video to finish off the post. We thought we would spend a little time outside this morning in the hot summer Houston heat. Tye had a good time in the pool as you can see below. It was all fun and games...UNTIL...

UNTIL...he decided he would rather try to get out on his own!