Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today, Tye was officially "Dedicated" to the Lord. We participated in a baby dedication ceremony for Tye in front of our church body (GRBC) and it was an opportunity for Russ's parents to come down for a visit and both B and Russ's parents were able to come to the service. The church gave Tye his first Bible and some other certificates and paperwork to help us commemorate this occasion.
So what does "dedication" mean, you may ask? Well it does not mean that we believe that Tye is saved through this ceremony. The main reason for this ceremony is to give our church, family and friends the opportunity to commit to helping and encouraging us to rear our child in a manner that is glorifying to the Lord. Also, we will do our best to explain the true gospel to him and spend countless hours in prayer for his salvation and for his commitment to serve the Lord after salvation. We will be praying for the Lord to save Tye's soul until he puts his faith in Christ on that blessed day (Lord willing). We are very excited to have had this experience with our church, family and friends, and look forward to what the Lord is going to teach us through Tye's life and what the Lord will do in his life. We love you Tye and commit you to the Lord this day.
Mom and Dad

Thursday, May 17, 2007

More firsts...

It seems like every day, Tye is doing more and more firsts...I feel like I can hardly keep up sometimes. So this week, we went to the park for the first time and he tried out the baby swing. Unfortunately, he was ready for nap time, so I don't think he is showing his true emotion. I think he was having more fun than he led on. He was also quite intrigued with the squirrels and birds all around.

Secondly, we fed him his first bite of the yummy rice cereal. It was hilarious seeing him try to coordinate the closing of the mouth and swallow...yeah, I think more came squirting out than staying in, but he loved the challenge. He did such a great job and was very excited to have someone else actually putting something in his mouth for once. He is usually the one putting everything in his mouth.

So that is it for this week. He is having his baby dedication this Sunday at church, so we will be posting those pics soon.

This video is Tye swinging at the park.

Tye taking his first bite of cereal.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A time of firsts

Today we went to the neighborhood pool and it was Tye's first time in the pool. Needless to say it was an interesting experience. We went with some of our good friends the Monney family. They have a son that is one month older than Tye and a daughter that is 2 years old. I don't know what we did for entertainment before we had kids but it was a riot to say the least.

First, we had to lather Tye up with super duper sun screen....the kind that actually makes you whiter after putting it on because we did not want him to get sunburned. Then he had to wear his hat the entire time so that his little bald head would not get burned. Lastly, the most important thing to remember when you take you baby to the pool...... make sure he has a SWIM DIAPER ON !!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, we found out the hard way that babies don't care where they poop. At some point during Tye's relaxing time playing in his newly acquired floating fire engine, he felt the urge to relax his bowels and make a deposit in his, not so absorbent swim diaper. Of course we were unaware of this event and upon lifting him out of the water, I noticed that, the water dripping from his new board shorts was not clear like the rest of the water in the baby pool.

We quickly addressed the situation and changed the newly soiled diaper. It was quite a clean up process in the back of our car. But all in all Tye had a wonderful experience during his first swim at the public pool.

We have included a video of Tye paddling around in the new float and also a video of him rolling over. Yet another mile stone in our child's life. Until next time.......