Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Our family trip to Albuquerque

We just got back from an amazing vacation/family reunion in beautiful Albuquerque, NM. If you have never been, you are missing out. The scenery is outstanding, the city is backed up to the Sandia Mountains and the cool, dry climate can't be beat.

It was a close call though. Tye got his first viral infection and running a 104 fever the day before we were supposed to leave...and on top of that, he had allergies and cutting his top two teeth. But, our little tough guy pulled through and his fever was down the next morning, so we decided to go, and I am glad we did. We had an incredible weekend visiting with all of Russ's aunt's, uncles, and cousins, taking worlds longest tram ride up the Sandia Mountains, experiencing the unforgettable sight of the Balloon Fiesta, and getting the tour of Albuquerque. Thanks Aunt Dee and Ralph for the amazing weekend.

Here are a few photos of the trip, and as you can imagine, Tye won over their hearts with his precious smile and laugh.

The view from the top of the tram ride was magnificent! You could see over 130 miles in the distance, and quite windy if you can't tell by the fly-away hair.

Here are some shots from the Balloon Fiesta. We left the house at 5:30AM in 40 degree weather, and it was well worth it!! As you will notice, Tye did not even attempt to remove the hat from his bald head.

The view from Aunt Dee's house...beautiful. I think I could wake up to this view every morning. How about you?

Russ's Aunt's and Uncle's (from left to right...Ralph and Dee Stone, Gary & Cecile, David & Judy Leatherman, and Tony & Nelda Brooks). They were an absolute joy with lots of laughter.

Monday, we checked out the new Sandia Resort and Casino on one of the local Indian Reservations. Here is a pic from the golf clubhouse.

Alright, alright...the last pic, Tye is appeasing his Mom by posing for this "fall" photo outside "El Pinto" for lunch.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tye's "Beat Box" dance.

So Tye has started dancing, and dancing, and dancing. Well, I guess you would call it dancing. Any music that he hears now, he shakes his little booty. Here is a video at the top of our stairs with Russ providing the beat box.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The newest version of peek-a-boo...take 2.

At Grammy and Papa's last weekend Tye learned a new version of peek-a-boo in which he does the peek-ing and boo-ing. You just have to look amused and ask "Where's Tye?" Now that is all he wants to do. He also has learned how to dance, and shakes everything he has when he hears music or even if you just start shaking your head up and down. Can you believe he is already 10 months old? Crazy!! I need to start thinking about his birthday party plans...any ideas? is a video of Tye playing peek-a-boo. Hope you get a little laugh or at least a good smile out of it. Below are also a few pics from this past weekend in Dallas.

We went to Russ's 10 Year High School Reunion this past weekend and of his class of 22 people, 15 of them were there...pretty good turn out and he had a great time visiting and catching up on old times and new.

Tye blowing on the glass at Grammy and Papa's house. He loved standing up at the glass and looking outside at the trees, grass, cars, whatever babies enjoy staring at.

and friends, is Tye's new fussy fit face...attractive, huh?