Friday, February 5, 2010

From the mouth of boys...

So, Tye has become quite the conversationalist. He talks about the most random things sometimes and it has really started to crack us up.

Yesterday morning, we were sitting at the breakfast table talking about farm animals and Tye said to me, "Mom...I think cows poop milk." I needed time for a response, so I replied brilliantly with..."I don't think cows POOP milk." Then Tye thought for a second and said, "Then, I think they pee milk.". Then we began our conversation about udders...great morning table talk!

Last week at Mother's Day Out, they had Chef Sonya come to school and help them make personal pizza's. Tye was so excited about it, and on the way to school, I asked him, "Tye do you remember who is coming to school today?" Tye replied with, "YES, OF Course! Chef Lasagna is coming today!" How appropriate, I thought.

Hope you got a giggle out of this like I did.

Jax dive bombs a pile of laundry now!

Tye set us a zoo/farm/safari with every little people animal and person we own. Quite a set up.