Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Incarnation Day

We went to a Christmas Eve service at our church last night and it was a very good time of focus for us. Today, we celebrate the day that the Son became incarnate and was born into the world. We hope that you will remember this life changing event in the history of the world. God has definitely changed our lives through this sovereign act by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We pray that this is a joyous time of year for you and your family. Praise God for the active relationship He has had in our lives.
Praise Him,
The Leathermen

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Eve's Eve...

Where did the time go since the last post? I have no idea! So it is now 2 days before Christmas and I have officially finished my shopping, and now we are getting ready for our company coming in town (Grammy and Papa), and enjoying our time of fellowship in celebration of Christ's birth. Tye has loved learning about baby Jesus and the Christmas Story. He already has the jist of it and can name all the character's involved. Here are a few pictures and photos from the past few weeks. I am almost 36 weeks along now and feeling so much better than I did with Tye at this point. For all of you who went through that ordeal with me, it was at this time of the pregnancy that I got bell's palsy and had the c-section. Praise the Lord that this pregnancy has been so much better, and Baby Jax is still cooking. Tye is ready for him to "come out and play". Little does he know that Jax will be more interested in eating, sleeping and pooping than actually playing, though.

We finally got enough of the missing parts to put together Tye's birthday present (a swingset). We are still missing a few pieces, but have enough for him to swing and use the glider. He has had so much fun with it already.

We went to see Christmas Light around Kingwood last night. The Monney's went with us and the kids loved it. We went to a very special house that always does an amazing job each year with a variety of train sets. As you can see...the boys were mesmerized. We had our Starbuck's, so we (parents) were very happy, too. The video is too dark to see anyone, but you can hear Tye as we passed by all the houses with lights.

In case you have not heard this infection laugh lately...

His laugh at 2 years..

His laugh at 15 months...

His laugh at 5 months..

What is more fun than a gift...the box that it arrived in!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"


It started out like pseudo-snow, more along the sleet lines, but our kids don't know the difference, but then turned into genuine snowfall by the evening. I think Tye is going to be like his mommy and prefer the 80-90 degree Southern weather, as opposed to the 30's like last night, but we tried to have fun nonetheless. He was quite intrigued by it, and said "SNOW", with much enthusiasm and expression, but did not want anything to really do with it. Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Whew! What a week...

So weeks in December all seem to be eventful. Last week was one of them...very fun, but lots going on. I will just do the narrating with pictures below.

Tye in his "birthday hat" from Mother's Day Out. He thought it was so special. He has gotten so expressive lately, here is just one of those many expressions.

As of now, Tye is not a fan of anything resembling a dessert, so he loved that he got to blow out candles on his chicken "guggets".

Tye's friend, Luke, came over to say "Happy Birthday", and they celebrated by cooking golfish in the kitchen.

This pictures is for you, Laura. Here I am at 33 weeks...only 7 weeks to go! We are still without a middle name for the baby, but Jax is what we are going with for the first name (as of today).

We had so much fun picking out a Christmas tree. Tye loved running through the maze of trees. I will post some of the after pictures of our decorated tree later.

Russ and Tye at Santa's Farm. The Kingwood High School Ag Dept. decorated all the stalls of their animals and they let the kids all walk through and pet the animals. It was a fun time had by all.