Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, I will have you know that Jax's laugh as displayed in the video in the previous post has been a one time and one time only event. We have tried to duplicate but no luck. He is much happier to give you his spectacularly addicting ear-to-ear smile to those who he finds familiar. So...that is progress! He is getting his 3rd tooth, but it is the top tooth to the left of his front teeth, so that should make for some interesting toothy pictures until those front teeth come in. Is that normal? Anyway...Jax is a master roller and would prefer that than any form of creeping/crawling at the moment. I turn my head for a moment and he ends up under tables and stuck against walls, etc. Tye has started Mother's Day Out and loves it. He is becoming so independent and wanting to assert that in pretty much all situations. That is the tough part of the "Two's" I am assuming. He loves playing outside and helping me cook! They are growing up so fast, but I am loving every minute.

Jax finally figured out the jumperoo...thanks Chris for letting us borrow it!

Here are a few pics from the past few days.

Yes, those are my sunglasses...


He can't get enough of those puffs :)