Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our week in Fredericksburg!

We are finally back and caught up on sleep, laundry and errands. We had a great week in Fredericksburg! To recap, we celebrated my Great Grandma Ethel's 106th birthday with some fantastic chocolate cake and pulled pork sandwiches. We had beautiful weather about every other day, disbursed with really cold windy weather. Unfortunately, Jax did not grasp why he could not ride the tractor every day, all day. He was not happy being couped up inside. The boys had a great week riding the tractor and planting tomato gardens and spreading wildflower seeds. I love their time in the "country". Then, we went to LBJ Ranch where they have a working farm with volunteers dressed up in settler attire and talk to the kids about how they did things on the farm. We will go back everytime we are there. It was awesome! Then Grammy and Papa came down and we had our annual Leatherman Reunion with 35 of Russ's relatives from all over Texas and New Mexico. Tye had such fun with his 6 cousins, and would wake every morning asking if they were still there. We had a great time visiting and shopping. Whew...are you tired reading this yet? I will wrap it up, but nonetheless, it was a great week, and we are thankful for family and family homesteads to retreat to. Here are a few pics from the week.