Monday, January 18, 2010

A month in pictures...

Here are a few pictures from our past month...

Like son. Jax has this crinkly nose thing. I think he got it from my Mom because she crinkles her nose when she smiles and she does that a lot. But then, I noticed how much he looks like Russ when he does it. Love these boys!

Christmas in Fredericksberg...what fun! Both of the boys got boots this Christmas. Tye says that his has "red fire" on them, and Jax's have Christmas trees. ...from the mouth of children. :) is an example of our kid's "love/hate relationship" as well.

Music time in our tent when it was like 20 degrees. I was not leaving my house! I live in the south for a reason. The boys are loving each other. Click on the picture and check out Jax's static hair. It shows that his hair does exist. :) He is walking now, but my video did not load properly, so I will have to get that us on the next post. I promise it won't be a month from now.

Then it turned 70 degrees and we were back outside again. Here are the boys fighting over a ball...hence the hate form of the relationship. Stay tuned for pictures of Jax's first birthday!


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